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my sister just I don’t even

my sister just I don’t even


Hey all! So i always wanted to do a giveaway, and I finally have the means to do it!

So here’s my make your own give away!

  • 1 tee shirt for your favorite band/artist/movie/tv show/book/type of cookie/disease. Whatever you want, from where ever you want. I will spend up to $25, not including shipping
  • 1 huge ass bag of your favorite candy
  • 1 fresh as fuck mix CD made by yours truly based on your music taste
  • 1 bow of your choice from Bowliciousdivas on Etsy. If you can’t find a bow you like (there are over 200 though!) or would prefer a bow tie, message me and let me know!
  • 1 flower crown like the one I made in the picture
  • 1 mystery item… ohhh what is it, it’s a mystery I don’t know oooh mysertious

I wish I could do more but I’m poor so que sera, sera. If there is an item you don’t want, let me know ASAP so I can pass the info along!


  1. Must be following me 
  2. Must be willing to share their address and contact info, plus info about musical taste, etc. 
  3. Must have ask open. If I don’t get a reply within 24 hours, I will re-pick.
  4. Reblog as many times as you like! Likes don’t count though! 

Winner will be selected on August 1. Good luck!!!

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My stomach feels gnarled and my heart is in my throat. My mind won’t understand your decision. This feeling hurts worse than any cut or bruise.